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QHow does the Cool Fat Burner work?

QWhat is --?

thermal loading / cold thermogenesis
brown fat
cellular longevity
exercise recovery
glucose clearing
skeletal muscle uncoupling
immune system enhancement
cold adapted

QIs any of this is backed up by science(studies)




Q How does the Cool Fat Burner work?

A:     The Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster cooling vests can help burn fat and build muscle by several ways at the same time.  The Cool Fat Burner holds specifically-designed cold-packs against "brown fat" target zones on the body.  (Brown fat burns regular white fat in order to generate heat when subjected to specific cold stimulus.)

The Cool Fat Burner can help activate brown fat by several methods simultaneously: 

  • Direct area stimulation
  • Cooling of the body via contact with major vessels 
  • Cooling of the overall surface area (skin) of the trunk

The Cool Fat Burner can also help increase "adiponectin" levels as well as create a general 'thermal load,' which in turn can potentially burn thousands of more calories independent of brown fat activity, all while you lounge about the house.  (the Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster have been shown to increase metabolism by 300%)

1:30 video "How It Works"

The Cool Fat Burner can also help clear excess glucose from the blood stream, helping reduce fat storage after binge meals and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Also note that the Cool Gut Buster may induce "fat cell apoptosis," which is the direct destruction of fall cells around the stomach and love handles.  This is non-surgical spot reduction.

There are also the added benefits of post-exercise recovery, injury management, rest, relaxation, and sleep aid. 



  (Cool Fat Burner modeled without gel-packs)   
The Cool Fat Burner is the only device on Earth made SPECIFICALLY to cover all primary and secondary BAT zones.  Patent pending.



QWhat is --?

thermal loading
brown fat
cellular longevity
exercise recovery
glucose clearing
immune system enhancement
cold adapted


Thermal Loading has incredible benefits and will become popular in the near future.

Also called "cold thermogenesis" and "cold therapy."  Controlling temperature on and around the human body, to produce positive, beneficial results such as:

  • boost metabolism upwards of 500%
  • activate Brown Fat
  • burn calories and fat
  • clearing blood glucose levels
  • nutrient partitioning
  • help build muscle
  • enhance exercise recovery
  • reduce systemic inflammation
  • injury management
  • increase adiponectin levels
  • increase cellular longevity
  • immune system enhancement
  • sleep enhancement
  • rest and relaxation
  • rebalance hormones, achieve primal health


Brown Fat (BAT) burns regular white fat for heat, during thermal loading.

-- also called "B.A.T." or brown adipose tissue

-- found around the collar bones, sternum, neck, and upper back; burns white fat to generate heat

-- a unique, special kind of fat that burns the regular white fat (white adipose tissue - the fat that causes cellulite) found on a person's stomach, butt, hips, and legs

-- unlike exercise where one typically has to first burn glucose (blood sugar) and then glycogen ('sugar' in muscles) before one can finally start to burn fat, BAT can immediately and directly burn white fat

--  found in all mammals, has high number of mitochondria to generate heat, embryologically related to muscle-tissue  (human infants have high levels of brown fat, to help keep them warm)

-- brown color from high supply of mitochondria (energy organelles within cells)

-- the only practical way to measure one's BAT levels is to be subjected to specific amounts of cold for a specific period of time, then get a PET scan or have a biopsy done while the BAT is active

-- age, gender, body mass index, fitness level, diet and genetics may all play a role in how much (active) BAT a person has

-- cold thermogenesis can create new brown fat



The Cool Fat Burner helps raise Adiponectin levels.  Adiponectin breaks down fat.

-- hormone released during cold thermogenesis that breaks down fat, shuttles glucose into muscles, and increases the number of skeletal muscle mitochondria, potentially increasing muscular growth as well as enhancing exercise recovery and improving athletic performance

-- low adiponectin levels associated with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease 

-- under experimental settings, the Cool Fat Burner increased adiponectin levels by 62% in only 2 hours

Science is showing that thermal loading can boost the immune system.

-- cold thermogenesis has been shown in certain situations to enhance the immune system, boosting various cells and systems that help fight disease and infection

-- increases glutathione, by far the most powerful anti-oxidant in human physiology




The Cool Fat Burner can help with exercise recovery.

-- cold therapy has been used by world-class and Olympic athletes for decades to help recover from exercise

-- experts theorize cold therapy reduces inflammation, removes cellular debris, and suppresses pain sensors while relaxing muscles, all helping to speed recovery after workouts

-- this means one can workout harder, longer, and more often

Science is showing that various stimuli, including thermal loading, can trigger cellular longevity.

-- cells can live longer, healthier, and function as they did at a younger age...  this applies to cells, tissues, and thus the whole organism, and can ultimately manifest in a healthier life experience

-- in animal studies, thermal loading has an effect on cellular longevity by similar pathways as caloric restriction and intermittent fasting, all of which can increase cellular health and hardiness





The Cool Fat Burner can help burn off extra glucose before it turns to fat.

-- carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars called "glucose" during digestion; these simple sugars flow through the bloodstream and provide energy to the brain, organs, and muscles... but extra glucose can be stored as fat

--  cold thermogenesis causes blood glucose to be burned off as fuel to heat the body before it can turn to fat, or even to be stored in muscles, so as to enhance exercise recovery and increase athletic performance

--  thermal loading with the Cool Fat Burner can be used to help lessen the impact of junk food and simple carbohydrates, especially after binge meals

-- the Cool Fat Burner has been shown to be able to reduce blood glucose levels by amounts similar to an hour of distance running

-- skeletal muscles work chemically on a cellular level, burning calories to generate heat as a result of thermal loading

-- happens "subconsciously," without user's awareness (muscles do not contract, there is no movement involved)

-- note also the muscle protein "Sarcolipin" involved in Skeletal Muscle Uncoupling, burning calories and generating heat during cold thermogenesis




-- the intentional self-destruction of cells; part of healthy cellular cleanup, the removal of harmful "junk cells," also the self-destruction of fat cells

--  adiponectin increases AMPK, which accelerates apoptosis of harmful junk cells that could eventually turn into cancer cells

-- direct cooling of the stomach and love handle areas with the Cool Gut Buster may cause "cold induced apoptosis," killing the fat cells underneath; this is a non-surgical form of spot-reduction of fat!

-- the peak of cold thermogenesis and Cool Fat Burner use

-- a state of primal health; boosted resting metabolism, increased insulin sensitivity, ideal hormonal balance,  diminished systemic inflammation, enhanced immune system, maximized cellular longevity and all-around superhuman health.





Q Is any of this backed up by science?"

A:  All of it is. 

This field is so new and exciting, studies are being released all the time.  Soon, people will look at cold thermogenesis as they do diet and exercise.  It will be common knowledge and a commonplace practice.

Here are a few links to some studies.   (note the Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster can induce the state examined in every single study)











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