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   --  The world's first
                   "Brown Fat" cooling vest!

   --  Helps burn fat, build muscle, recover from workouts...
           just by wearing it!

   --  Works independent of diet or exercise!

   --  Guaranteed to burn calories and help
             you lose weight!


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The Cool Fat Burner, the world's first brown fat weight-loss device.


-- world's first device designed specifically to harness the beneficial power of cold, engage in "cold thermogenesis," activate brown fat, increase adiponectin levels, rebalance hormones, and help burn calories and fat while preserving and building muscle

-- takes no real discipline, effort, or sacrifice; can be used while lounging around the house

-- patent-pending design allows to work for over two hours straight! 

-- works in addition to whatever diet or exercise you're already doing

Thermal Loading has incredible benefits and will become popular in the near future.


Also called "cold thermogenesis."  An exciting new field in health, fitness, and weight-loss.  Controlling temperature around the human body to help produce positive, beneficial results such as:

  • boost metabolism upwards of 500%
  • burn calories and fat
  • help build muscle
  • increased insulin sensitivity
  • improved exercise recovery
  • boost immune system
  • injury management
  • enhanced rest and relaxation
  • achieve deeper sleep
  • rebalance hormones, achieve primal health
Brown Fat (BAT) burns regular white fat for heat, during thermal loading.


-- also called "BAT" for brown adipose tissue

-- a unique fat that burns "regular" fat  (the fat on the stomach, butt, hips, legs) for fuel to generate heat as a result of cold thermogenesis

-- BAT can immediately and directly burn regular white fat

-- works by different pathways than diet or exercise




The Cool Fat Burner

For the full story, check out the Blog post!

It's now proven -- the Cool Fat Burner can activate brown fat!!!






The Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster are

...and shown to TRIPLE METABOLISM

At the University of CA, San Diego...

The Cool Fat Burner undergoes indirect calorimetry, and shows that cold thermogenesis can massively increase one's calorie burn!  ***

***results may vary from person to person

For the full story, check out the Blog post!





Can the Cool Gut Buster


The cosmetic procedure known as "cryogenic lipolysis"
can "freeze away" stomach fat...

...can the Cool Gut Buster do the same thing?


For the full story, check out the Blog post! (coming soon!)

      The Cool Gut Buster can induce fat spot reduction via fat cell apoptosis!




The Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster do it again... and are shown to


This means you burn more calories,
                      even on days you don't use the Cool Fat Burner!!!

At George Washington University, a 2 month long experiment, "Before & After" scientific tests confirm an increase of hundreds of extra calories burned a day, even at rest!  **  This is a first-ever discovery!
**results may vary from person to person

 Video coming soon!


For the full story, check out the Blog post! (coming soon!)

The Cool Fat Burner can raise a person's resting metabolism!  This means they burn more calories, even on days they don't use the Cool Fat Burner!





The Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster are shown to


Adiponectin is thought to be related to everything from increased fat burning and muscular improvements, to reducing systemic inflammation, to helping fight heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even help fight certain types of cancer!!!  ***
***results may vary from person to person, the Cool Fat Burner device and website is not meant to treat or cure any disease or disorder

For the full story, check out the Blog post!





The Cool Fat Burner & Cool Gut Buster help with


-- simultaneously burning fat while building muscle, as well as

**results may vary from person to person

 Video coming soon!

For the full story, check out the Blog post! (coming soon!)
The Cool Fat Burner helps burn fat, build muscle, and double testosterone... as proven in the lab!




 The Cool Fat Burner makes a huge scientific discovery --
        and is shown to work AS WELL AS
to burn off  glucose!!!

Cold adapted means your metabolism is constantly boosted.

Testing blood glucose levels before using the Cool Fat Burner.
Increased insulin sensitivity from cold thermogenesis and exercise.

In a recent 4-month long experiment, the Cool Fat Burner not only lowered blood glucose levels by amounts equal to distance running, but it helped return "insulin sensitivity" in ~ 7 weeks! **

This goes far beyond mere fat burning and weight-loss -- this could help treat diabetes, heart disease, and "metabolic syndrome" that is effecting much of the country!

(***do not use the Cool Fat Burner as part of your medical treatment without first consulting with your physician!  **results may vary)







Real life examples of cold thermogenesis:

1:30 min video:  "The Cool Fat Burner:  How It Works!"
Phelps is in a pool all day, this  forces his body to burn THOUSANDS of extra calories. It's the same principle that allows Olympian Michael Phelps to eat thousands of extra calories a day... and still be ripped! Scientists in Antarctica have to eat 6,000 calories a day due to the massive thermal load of the environment. It's the same reason scientists on Antarctica are required to eat 6,000 calories a day, just to maintain body-weight.
Probably the most extreme example of thermal loading on Earth.  Climbers can lose MASSIVE amounts of fat climbing Everest. And why climbers of Mt Everest can lose up to 1/3 of their body weight in mere days. Dr Oz and Tim Ferriss show that cold showers can boost the metbolism. And why Dr Oz and Tim Ferriss talked of ice baths and had an audience member stand in a cold shower. 
(she didn't like it)



   What are YOUR Cool Fat Burner goals?

boost metabolism?
     -- fat loss and muscle gain gets easier
     -- enhance your diet and workouts

burn off simple carbs?
     -- junk food won't stick to you
-- burn off carbs before they store as fat



push glucose into your muscles?
     -- muscles get pumped
     -- help muscular recovery and performance

relaxation and sleep aid?
     -- unwind after a long, stressful day

get a deeper sleep



fat-burning and weight loss?
     -- blast off fat while you lounge around!

     -- no work, no effort, no discipline

post-exercise recovery?
     -- recuperate your body after a workout
     -- recover faster, workout sooner



I eat junk food almost every day.  I'm 38.  And I have abs.  The Cool Fat Burner works!!! The Cool Fat Burner burns off junk food before it turns to fat!
This is what I ate almost every single day.  For months on end. During that time, my waistline shrunk from nearly 36" down to 32" -- that's what it was in high school -- and I'm 38 yrs old!!!   The Cool Fat Burner works!       Watch how I did it. >>

video:  "How I Eat Junk Food...
yet Keep Burning Fat!

Just imagine how the Cool Fat Burner would work if you're on a sensible diet!!!



Multiple Choice:

What is the easiest
way to DROP
2500 calories?

don't eat for 24 hours 

run a marathon 

use the Cool Fat Burner for 5-6 hours

A little bit of each!  Slight dieting, a little
exercise, and some cold stress!



BEFORE:  210lbs, age 38 ONLY 3 WEEKS LATER:  198lbs -- Lost 12lbs!!!
that's insane!!!)
MJR - BEFORE using the Cool Fat Burner

MJR - AFTER using the Cool Fat Burner -- lost 12lbs in 3 weeks!!!

The Cool Fat Burner can help build muscle, even without exercise!


"I was in my late 30’s when I got kidney stones, and had to stop exercising.  My diet got worse and everything just fell apart for me. I couldn't believe how much I seemed to age in a year's time just from weight gain. I also have 4 kids to take care of, and don’t have the time or the finances to make different meals for all of us.  All together, I stopped working out, stopped any smart dieting, and gained a lot of weight over the last year. 
     "I’d read about using cold to trick the body into burning fat, and saw about the Cool Fat Burner.  Thought to myself, what do I have to lose? So I got one, and wore it 45 mins to an hour every night towards bedtime.  That was it. Just put it on, and wore it while I watched tv and settled in for the evening. I knew it was working – I could feel it each morning when I woke up.  After only three weeks, I’d lost over 12 pounds, of fat!!!  I couldn't believe I was losing weight without doing any exercise or changing my eating habits. It was pretty amazing.  I never felt anything like that before.  This is a must for anyone needing help to burn off the fat.  Especially if you happen to be hurt in some way. It dawned on me that I'm not alone. There are many people with back injuries, pulled muscles, having surgeries, or even kidney stones such as my case that may have to postpone their normal exercise routines until they are feeling better. Now there is an alternative for those of us that need just a little something to keep the pounds off while we heal.  And the beauty of it is that even when you are able to return to normal exercise and diet it will supercharge the weight loss process
     "I've been telling a lot of my friends and family about it, since they ask me what I did. I'm going to keep on using it even when I reach my goal. I will keep you updated on my future progress. Thanks Cool Fat Burner...!"

Somerset, Pa

(Testimonial from early CFB tester.  User was NOT paid for their feedback.  User did NOT change diet or use gimmicks or tricks to "suck weight."  These are more dramatic results than most will experience; results will vary.)




     "As a triathlete, it's easy to get caught up in a cycle of logging junk miles to "burn calories."  This can be tough on the body and joints. So this is one place where cold thermogenesis comes in handy: to allow me to burn calories and maintain racing weight without actually stressing my muscles, since I can do something like put on the Cool Fat Burner vest while I'm sitting at my desk.

Of course, there are other benefits of cold thermogenesis, and some of the other reasons I do it include:   increased pain tolerance, improved cardiovascular efficiency, and decreased inflammation.

"Cold adaptation has never been easier, and as busy parents of four little kids, this is a major benefit. We love being able to do laundry, make dinner, clean the house, and play with our kids, all while reaping the benefits of cold thermogenesis. We had been trying to get into our cold swimming pool, but when you have twin babies, this isn't always the most convenient thing to do. With the Cool Fat Burner, we can spend an hour or two each day thermal loading and still get things done around the house. We're sold on the many advantages of cold thermogenesis and think The Cool Fat Burner is the easiest way to go!

          --- Luke  & Trisha Gilkerson, from "Intoxicated on Life"

Luke uses the Cool Fat Burner to help boost his metabolism as he lounges around the house.
Triathlete Ben Greenfield uses the Cool Fat Burner to supplement his training.   

I use a combination of cold showers, cold water immersion, outdoor winter workouts and the Cool Fat Burner vest for my cold thermogenesis - and generally maintain 5-7% body fat, year round."


Intoxicated on Life blog.  Luke and Trish use the Cool Fat Burner to do cold thermogenesis.

Trisha uses the Cool Fat Burner to help boost her metabolism as she takes care of her family.



The Cool Fat Burner gives you fat burning with no effort, discipline, or sacrifice...unlike diet and exercise! The Cool Fat Burner - choose your intensity level and fat-burning results.



BEFORE:  184lbs, age 49 32 DAYS LATER:  166lbs -- Lost 18lbs!!!    
FCP - BEFORE using the Cool Fat Burner

The Cool Fat Burner can help build muscle, even without exercise!

FCP - AFTER using the Cool Fat Burner -- boosted metbolism, quicker weight loss!

The Cool Fat Burner can help build muscle, even without exercise!

"32 days with the Cool Fat Burner lost me 17.7 pounds!  I went from 183.5lbs down to 165.8lbs!

"I am 49 years old, in pretty good shape, and have eaten pretty healthy for about the last 13 years. I eat good through the week, and eat whatever I want as "cheat days" on the weekends.  I've monitored my weight almost daily for the last 3 years. When my weight started to increase without me altering my eating or exercise habits, I knew I had to change something.

"I did some research and decided upon two "
safe, all natural, and caffeine free" supplements at a cost of about $60 dollars each for a one month supply. But when I got to the store, one was recalled, the other was no longer made.

"Around this time I heard about the Cool Fat Burner. I had actually already tried thermal loading when I read “The 4 Hour Body” and I liked the practice. But trying to keep an ice pack balanced on the back of my neck and having it get warm in about 20-25 minutes was too much hassle and I quit doing it. I decided to try the Cool Fat Burner.

"The CFB made thermal loading easy! It straps on quickly, easily and securely. It stays on, stays cold, and surprisingly was very relaxing to me. Plus it was reusable and cost me about the same as only a one month supply of supplements. 

"Now, this is just my experience but all I did was wear the CFB for about 2 hours a night.  I wore it when I was reading, playing video games with my son, watching TV, etc. That’s it!  I didn’t change the time, size or make up of my meals.  I didn’t monitor protein intake or count calories. I didn't change my  total amount of exercise.  I just put on the Cool Fat Burner and “chilled”.

"I weighed less after each of my cheat days and my weight loss during the week was much more stable. I believe this is due to my metabolism increasing. I didn’t do anything extra except wear the CFB.  The weight loss was great because it was “freebie!”  However my greatest pleasure came from positive “side effects” of the CFB use.

"From years of martial arts training the base of my neck and shoulders are often tight or at times even sore. After using the CFB I noticed this discomfort was gone. Above I mentioned that the CFB was very relaxing to me, well here is the clincher:  I sleep MUCH better after using the CFB. Now maybe it is because the CFB made me relaxed so my muscles were looser and I could sleep deeper, maybe there is some physical change that occurs with regular use, or maybe CFB use has increased my metabolism so I sleep better. I don’t know and frankly, I don’t care!

"This thing works wonders for me, doesn’t have a monthly cost, is all natural and requires no extra effort on my part. Win, win and win!"

Altoona, Pa

(Testimonial from early CFB tester. 
User was NOT paid for their feedback. 
User did NOT change diet or use gimmicks or tricks to "suck weight." 
Results may vary.)


BEFORE:  188lbs AFTER:  158lbs  --    Lost 30lbs in 1 month!!!    
BJS BEFORE using the Cool Fat Burner, to help drop 30lbs in one month!

The Cool Fat Burner is great for combat athletes -- drop weight, recovery from workouts, and sooth sore muscles and joints.

BJS AFTER  using the Cool Fat Burner, to help drop 30lbs in one month!

The Cool Fat Burner is great for combat athletes -- drop weight, recovery from workouts, and sooth sore muscles and joints.


The Cool Fat Burner is great for athletes -- especially combat athletes and sports with weight-classes!!!


Hagerstown, MD

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt

  • submission grappling and martial arts for 20 years

  • competes in international-level events

  • instructor at several competition schools


--  Used the Cool Fat Burner to help cut weight and drop 30lbs in 1 month!!!  (and that was with minimal dietary or exercise changes)

--  Also used the Cool Fat Burner for post-exercise recovery as well as chronic injury management!


(Details:  other than using the CFB for 45 minutes, 3-4 nights a week, post-workout for chronic shoulder pain, also changed food choices (but no change in amounts or total calories), drank a lot of water, and did a sauna twice a week)





The Cool Fat Burner MUST WORK, assuming you're alive and warm-blooded.



          GUARANTEED to help burn calories

          can help with exercise recovery

          can help build muscle

          works independent of diet

          works independent of exercise

          can enhance both diet and exercise

          works while you lounge around the house

          100% Made in America

          60-day 110% Money-Back Guarantee!!!

(minus shipping)

The Cool Fat Burner works as you lounge about the house.

(Cool Fat Burner modeled without gel-packs)



BEFORE:  182lbs, age 37 29 DAYS LATER:  173lbs -- Lost 9lbs!!!    
US Naval Officer, stationed in the Mid-East.  BEFORE using the Cool Fat Burner. US Naval Officer stationed in the Mid-East, LOST 9lbs USING THE COOL FAT BURNER!

"I was about to deploy overseas for a year, and for a 37 year old I was in semi-decent shape working out three times a week with kettlebells and running three to four miles with my wife several days a week.  I was weighing in around 178lbs and was eating healthy.  But training for my deployment required 8 weeks of traveling, classes, and staying in hotel-like accommodations which didn't allow for proper meals or workouts.  During that time I gained roughly 4lbs and began my year-long deployment weighing 182lbs. 

"My job consists of long hours (12-13 hour days through the week, 7-8 hour days on weekends), not to mention the daily 110F heat!  I manage to find time in the evenings for 40 minutes of cardio, heavy kettlebell work, or free-weight routines 3 times a week.  With discipline, I've managed to maintain a pretty healthy diet, not to mention lots of water.  Still, I couldn't get back to my pre-deployment weight... in fact, I wasn't losing any weight.  And then I discovered the Cool Fat Burner.

"Though a little skeptical at first, I ordered the vest and began incorporating it into my evening routines before bed.  I averaged between 40-50 minutes a night and began to see results in the FIRST WEEK!  I was breaking through my plateau!  Talk about an easy way to trim down!

"I would come home after a stressful day, slap on the vest, and before I knew it I was relaxed in front of my computer letting the CFB do all the work.  After about three weeks, I even noticed wearing the vest gave me a certain state of mind, to the point where I was able to cruise through some of my harder workouts by focusing the same way I do when wearing the CFB.  It's worked so well that fellow officers have ordered the CFB and are currently incorporating it into their own workout routines.  If you work long hours, find yourself up against the clock to get in decent workouts, or just need a relaxing stress reliever, I highly recommend the CFB!  Wearing the vest for four weeks has allowed me to drop from 182lbs to 173lbs!! That's 9lbs in a month!  That's lower than where I was before I deployed!!!  You can't ask for an easier way to lose weight."

US Naval Officer, stationed in Mid-East
HKC certified

(Actual testimonial from real CFB user.  User was NOT paid, given incentive, or benefits for their feedback.  User did NOT use gimmicks or tricks to "suck weight."  Results may vary.)



"Otzi" uses the Cool Fat Burner to help keep the weight off!

"I lost nearly 100lbs in the last three years. Mostly through diet and exercise, but keeping it off is another story. In an effort to combat the dreaded rebound that plagues so many dieters, I turned to cold induced thermogenesis to increase my resting metabolic rate. After reading about the amazing benefits of having ample stores of brown adipose tissue, I tried ice baths, cold air exposure, and spot icing. All of these work to some degree, but time, weather and equipment are the biggest hurdles. When I found the CoolFatBurner, it took all the guess work out of getting a good chill. Now I wear my CFB when jogging, running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or just sitting around watching TV. I have managed to keep my weight stable for several years and the CFB is making it even easier.
"Some might think they could copy the design and make their own, but the way the CFB is put together and the special freezer packs that fit into the built-in pockets make this a one-of-a-kind product.  Truly a good investment!"

"Otzi" from the "Mark's Daily Apple" forums
Fairbanks, Alaska

(Actual testimonial from real CFB user.  User was NOT paid, given incentive, or benefits for their feedback.  Uses the CFB to help maintain target weight.  Results may vary.)

"Otzi" uses the Cool Fat Burner to boost his metabolism and help keep the weight off! "Otzi" uses the Cool Fat Burner to boost his metabolism and help keep the weight off!



Health, Fitness, & Diet MYTHS --
Things you're WRONG about!

Q?  Aren't diet and exercise the only ways to burn fat? Q?  Is this like those "ab belts"?

A:  Not any longer.  Thermal loading can burn enough calories and fat to rival exercise, and works synergistically with diet.

A:  No.  Those don't burn fat.

Q?  I thought you had to be hot and sweaty to burn calories? Q?  I already burn thousands of calories working out!

A:  Sweating itself doesn't burn any calories.  That's just your body's reaction to being hot.  You would sweat very little if you ran a marathon naked in the tundra.  Yet you can lay out in the summer and be drenched.  Which activity do you think burns calories?

A:  Unlikely.  Snatching a kettlebell at max effort and velocity for 40 minutes only burns 800 calories.  How much do you think someone burns doing only bodyweight aerobics?  People don't burn as many calories working out as they often think they do.  Infomercials are lying to you.

Q?  Will this burn fat from my stomach? Q?  Can't I find some other device like this?

A:  Absolutely!  But remember, there is no such thing as "spot reduction" fat burning.  You can't control where you burn fat on your body (through diet or exercise), or in what order.  Doing crunches doesn't burn fat from your abs, doing curls doesn't burn fat from your arms.  Never did.  Your body loses fat in the order and the places where it wants.  Keep burning fat, you'll burn it off everywhere.

A:  No.  The Cool Fat Burner is the first and only one of it's kind, it's patent-pending, it can work for over 2hrs straight, and it's made explicitly to help burn fat and speed up weight loss via scientific cold exposure, activating BAT, and increasing Adiponectin levels.
(review  "the Science" page for details)

Q?  Will I lose 20lbs the first month, like the weight-loss Infomercials I see on TV?

A:  Most infomercials are inaccurate or even dishonest.  Many testimonials are motivated by money or free perks to use any methods – usually fad gimmick crash diets – to quickly lose weight for the infomercial.  Their weight-loss has nothing to do with their product, and isn't realistic or sustainable (or healthy) which is why most quit and gain it all back.

A realistic and sustainable rate of fat loss for the average person is around 1lb per week.  (that's 500 calories a day...1lb of fat = 3600 calories)  One can achieve that with Thermal Loading.  Add proper diet and exercise and one could lose more than 1lb per week.  Yes some will "respond well" to Cold Thermogenesis and lose well over 10-20lbs in a month.  But there's no hurry.  The Cool Fat Burner is effortless and takes no sacrifice; it's something you can do for a lifetime, and allows you to rely a little less on your diet or exercise to burn fat.


Watch me burn over 1,000 calories
while I sit on my butt and
play video games!






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Risk-free 60-day 110% Money-Back GUARANTEE! The Cool Fat Burner donates to charity

The Cool Fat Burner is Patent Pending




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